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Vanity Fair (1993)

Tina Turner - Vanity Fair - Magazine

Vanity Fair is a monthly American tabloid magazine of popular culture, fashion and current affairs, founded in 1913 with five international editions. In 1993, during the promotion for the What’s Love Got To Do With It? soundtrack, movie and tour, Tina gave a big interview to the magazine with several exclusive photos by Michael Comte. In the interview, Tina speaks in-depth about her past with Ike.

Issue: May 1993
Pages: 15
Writer: Maureen Orth
PhotographerMichel Comte
ClothesArmaniMichael Schmidt, Karl Lagerfeld, Bob MackieJean Paul Gaultier
: Tina Turner Turns It On! Her Legs, Her Life, and an Earful from Ike
Language: English

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