Don’t Play Me Cheap is the third Ike & Tina studio album, with the title track released as the only single. The song „I Made A Promise Up Above“ was the b-side on the single Dear John in 1966. The album was originally released in 1963 from Sue Records on vinyl and was reissued on compact disc in 1996 from Collectables Records and 2004 from EMI / Stateside on the double CD Don’t Play Me Cheap / It’s Gonna Work Out Fine.

Ike & Tina Turner - Don’t Play Me Cheap - Album
Ike & Tina Turner - Don’t Play Me Cheap - Album

A1. Wake Up 2:09

A2. I Made A Promise Up Above 2:22

A3. Desire 3:01

A4. Those Ways 1:46

A5. Mama Tell Him 2:35

A6. Pretend 1:49

B1. Don’t Play Me Cheap 2:11

B2. The Real Me 2:04

B3. Forever Mine 2:16

B4. No Amending 2:23

B5. Love Letters 1:55

B6. My Everything To Me 2:33

Written by Ike Turner
Produced by Ike Turner

except track B2:
Written by M. Mayfield, B5: V. Young, E. Heyman

Directed by Juggy Murray
Arrangements by Rene Hall & Jesse Herrin
Cover design: Frank Lerner

This album is available in Stereo and Monaural.

Liner Notes

There has never been a team quite like Sue Records Ike and Tina Turner, and now, making the vocal solo scene, Tina proves herself a performer and show-woman nonpareil.

Aided by the fine hand of hubby Ike, who stays to cleff some of the numbers and play the guitar and piano in fine style, Tina applies her pulsating rhythm sense to uptempo tunes with devastating effect. Then she turns around (and around) and croons a love ballad with an earthy, emotional feel that leaves the listener humble with admiration.

So listen to Tinas driving renditions of "Wake Up," "Mama Tell Him" and "I Made A Promise Up Above" plus her rockaballad versions of "Don't Play Me Cheap," Pretend," "Look Through Me," "Forever Mine" and "My Everything To Me".

These songs were inspired choices to bring out Tina's rare ability to be equally at home with a shouting, screaming pulser, or a tender ballad that gives her a chance to show off her more gentle, kittenish side.

As a nightclub attraction Ike and Tina have wowed em from coast to coast, and as recording stars they have no peers. And Tina's dynamic performance in this her latest Sue album firmly places the attractive, shapely star in the annals of all-time great disk stars.

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Ike & Tina Turner - Don’t Play Me Cheap - Album

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