TINA: Promo (Single)

Back Where You Started (1986)

Tina Turner - Back Where You Started - Promo Single

Back Where You Started is a North American promotional single from Tina’s Break Every Rule album. The track was written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance and is the second collaboration between Tina and Bryan after their 1985 hit single It's Only Love. Although the song was never officially released, it managed to reach the American and Canadian charts. Tina’s vocal performance earned her also a Grammy Award in 1987.

Writer: Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance
Producer: Bryan Adams, Bob Clearmountain
Release: 1986 (USA) / 1987 (Canada)
Label: Capitol
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #15 (Rock) / Canada: #85
Grammy: Best Female Rock Vocal Performace (1987)
AlbumBreak Every Rule

12“ Vinyl Promo (USA)

  1. Back Where You Started 4:25
  2. Back Where You Started 4:25
  3. Written by Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance / Produced by Bryan Adams & Bob Clearmountain

7“ Vinyl (Canada)

  1. Back Where You Started 4:25
  2. Paradise Is Here 5:36
  3. Written by Paul Brady / Produced by Mark Knopfler, Neil Dorfsman
Tina Turner - Back Where You Started - Promo Single

Jim Vallance

A year after recording „It's Only Love“ with Bryan Adams, Tina Turner approached us to write a song for her „Break Every Rule“ album. When we asked her what kind of song she was looking for, Tina told us, "Write about anything you want ... just don't write about my life!". So we wrote a song about her life anyway! Either she didn't notice -- or she liked the song so much she didn't care -- but our lyric draws inspiration from the story of Tina's relationship with her abusive ex-husband, Ike Turner.

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