TINA: Promo (Interview)

Break Every Rule (1986)

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule (Interview) - Promo

Break Every Rule (Interview) is a promotional interview in in which Tina speaks about the new songs from the album Break Every Rule, her autobiography „I Tina“ and many other things. The almost one hour long interview with questions from Paul Gambaccini was released on vinyl with white lables, marked with a sticker.

Release: 1986
Label: Capitol
Format: Vinyl
AlbumBreak Every Rule

  1. Interview 28:15
  2. Steve Winwood on Afterglow / Till The Right Man Comes Along / I Tina & Kurt Loder / Music styles / Bryan Adams / Back Where You Started / David Bowie & Girl's / Rupert Hine / Break Every Rule / Title of the album / Being sexy / I'll Be Thunder / Jamie West-Oram / Overnight Sensation / River Deep, Mountain High
  3. Interview 24:00
  4. Recording vocals in Paris / Paul Brady (Paradise Is Here) / Hit records / Taking a rest after Private Dancer / Color Purple / Mad Max / Acting, Movie scripts / One Of The Living / Terry Britten / Two People / Typical Male / Management / Favorite song (What You Get Is What You See) / Stage Performance with video screens / Live Aid / Singing R&B / About interviews
Tina Turner - Break Every Rule (Interview) - Promo

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