TINA: Photographer

Dave Hogan

Tina Turner - Dave Hogan - Photographer

Tina at her 50th birthday with a dress from Gianfranco Ferrè / Tina & David Bowie in 1985 / Copyright by Dave Hogan

Dave Hogan is an English celebrity photographer, who worked with stars such as The Rolling Stones, Madonna, U2, Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and David Bowie among others. In his over forty years experience in the business, he photographed at every red carpet premiers, music, film and TV awards and at concerts in the UK and all over the world and he also provided photography used in major advertising campaigns and magazines.

Dave photographed Tina Turner at many different occasions, like her Break Every Rule Tour in Brazil, together with David Bowie in 1985, at her fiftieth birthday party and HBO used a picture from him in 2021 for the documentation TINA.

„Big Dave has been a ubiquitous figure at every social/political/artistic event in London for the past 40 years. His magnificent photographs from an actual moment and from his studio tell the stories of our time for good or ill. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Dave and respect his craft/art and more importantly respect him as a person. A very good man who has contributed hugely and magnanimously and continually to Band Aid/Live Aid by using his great skill for the benefit of others. He is a superb photographer.“

Sir Bob Geldof