IKE & TINA: Television

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (1974 - '76)

Ike & Tina Turner - Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert - TV

March 12, 1976

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert was an American television music show from 1973 until 1981, created and produced by Don Kirshner. Ike & Tina Turner have been twice guests with live interpretations of several songs. The 1976 appearance includes the rare performance of the track „Only Women Bleed,“ which was later released on the album The Edge.

    March 16, 1974
  1. Come Together
  2. Honky Tonk Women
  3. Nutbush City Limits
  4. Proud Mary
  5. Respect
    March 12, 1976
  1. Oh My My
  2. Sexy Ida
  3. Baby, Get It On
  4. Only Women Bleed
  5. I Want To Take You Higher

  6. All songs were performed live

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