IKE & TINA: Guest Vocals (Album)

Frank Zappa (1973 / '74)

Tina Turner & The Ikettes - Frank Zappa - Guest Vocals

Over-Nite Sensation is a studio album from Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention from 1973, followed by Zappa's solo album Apostrophe (') in 1974. Both albums were recorded during the same sessions at Ike Turner’s Bolic Sound studios with The Ikettes and Tina Turner doing the partly very difficult and strange background vocals on some tracks. Ike agreed for this deal, but refused that their names appeared in the credits. The Ikettes Linda Sims and Debbie Wilson recorded also the track „Cheepnis“ with Zappa on December 12, 1973. This song was released on the live album „Roxy & Elsewhere“ in 1974.

Producer: Frank Zappa
Recording: Bolic Sound, Inglewood, CA
Release:1973 (Over-Nite Sensation) / 1974 (Apostrophe)
Label: Discreet
Format: Cartridge / Vinyl / Cassette / CD / Digital

    Over-Nite Sensation
  1. I'm The Slime
  2. Dirty Love
  3. Zomby Woof
  4. Dinah-Moe Humm
  5. Montana
    Apostrophe (')
  1. Cosmik Debris
  2. Uncle Remus

"I wanted to put some back-up singers on the thing, and the road manager who was with us at the time checked into it and said, 'well, why don't you just use the Ikettes?' I said, ''I can get the Ikettes?'' and he said ''Sure''. But you know what the gimmick was?

We had to agree, Ike Turner insisted, that we pay these girls no more than $25 per song, because that's what he paid them. And no matter how many hours it took, I could not pay them any more than $25 per song per girl, including Tina.

It was so difficult, that one part in the middle of the song ''Montana'', that the three girls rehearsed it for a couple of days. Just that one section. You know the part that goes ''I'm pluckin' the ol' dennil floss''? Right in the middle there. And - I can't remember her name, but one of the harmony singers - she got it first. She came out and sang her part and the other girls had to follow her track.

Tina was so pleased that she was able to sing this thing that she went into the next studio where Ike was working and dragged him into the studio to hear the result of her labor. He listened to the tape and he goes, ''What is this shit''? and walked out.

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