IKE & TINA: Album (Sampler)

Ike & Tina’s Greatest Hits (1967)

Ike & Tina Turner - Ike & Tina’s Greatest Hits - Album

Ike & Tina's Greatest Hits is an abridged version of the album The Greatest Hits of Ike & Tina Turner from Sue Records, originally released in 1965. The order of the tracks is the same, but the two songs I’m Jealous and Don’t Play Me Cheap are missing. This version was released several times on different record labels and with different cover pictures.

Writer: Ike Turner
Producer: Ike Turner
Release: 1967 (USA), 1968 (Germany, UK), 1970 (USA)
Label: United Artists, Unart, Sunset, Hallmark
Format: Vinyl

    Side A
  1. A Fool In Love 2:41
  2. Poor Fool 2:35
  3. Tra La La La La 2:40
  4. Mojo Queen 2:14
  5. Good Good Lovin' 2:28
  6. Written by James Brown
    Side B
  1. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine 3:03
  2. Written by Sylvia McKinney, Rose Marie McCoy
  3. You Should’ve Treated Me Right 3:41
  4. Mind In A Whirl 2:11
  5. I Idolize You 2:51
  6. Letter From Tina 2:37
Ike & Tina Turner - Ike & Tina’s Greatest Hits - Album

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