TINA: Photographer

Jean-Pierre Leloir

Tina Turner - Jean-Pierre Leloir - Photographer

Tina at the Pavillon de Paris on February 04, 1978 / Copyright by Jean-Pierre Leloir

Jean-Pierre Leloir was a French Photographer, famous for his photographs of the jazz-scene in and around Paris. He has covered the musical and theatrical scene since the 1950s, including music concerts and rehearsals, reports for the industry, historical exhibitions and theatre. He worked with many artists, from Edith Piaf to Charles Trenet, through Billie Holiday, Johnny Hallyday or Alain Bashung. Since 1951, he has worked on commission for magazines such as Jazz Hot, Jazz Magazine and Rock & Folk, as well as for daily newspapers and various record labels. His photos illustrate more than 1000 recordings.

Because he was for a long time the official photographer of L’Olympia in Paris, he photographed in 1971 Ike & Tina Turner at their concert on January 30, 1971. Photos from this session were used for the cover of the album Live In Paris. He also photographed the duo at the Gala Du Midem and again on December 30, 1975 at the L’Olympia in Paris and Tina solo in 1978.

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