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Journal de 13 Heures (1982)

Tina Turner - Journal de 13 Heures - TV

Journal de 13 Heures is a French news program, broadcasted every weekday at 1:00 pm since 1981. Tina Turner was guest in the show in 1982, during a series of concerts at the Palace in Paris. The hosts Jean-Claude Bourret and Patrice Drevet asked her some questions and they showed scenes of her concert from the day before in between.

March 30, 1982
Interview / Live from Le Palace

Q: Please tell us something about your tour the previous year with the Rolling Stones in the USA.
A: It was like nothing you can imagine. The stage was built a bit like a spacecraft. It was all slanted and with high heels, it was very difficult.

Q: Doesn't you have the impression of being on the fringe of the international women's movement, by remaining a sex symbol, which is what the feminist movements denounce?
A: (Smiling) No! In fact there are different ideas of what femininity is and that's mine.

Q: What’s your future projects?
A: Cinema is my dream, that's what I dream of. It's my goal and I'm sure I can achieve it.

Q: What is the difference between the Turner of 1982 and the one of ten years ago?
A: here is a certain freedom, less tension. I feel relieved, I'm having more fun. I am surrounded by a much more harmonious atmosphere and my work is easier and more fun.

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