TINA: Photographer

Nathan Beck

Tina Turner - Nathan Beck - Photographer

Children Beyond promotional picture by Nathan Beck

Nathan Beck is a Swiss filmmaker, editor and photographer and founder of NB Cameraworks. Regards, the agency he co-founded, was one of the best-known national photo agencies in the 1990s and supplied domestic and foreign media with photographic material from Switzerland. He worked for many years as a photographer for the Tagesanzeiger magazine and became internationally known for his reports from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Liberia and other countries.

Nathan worked with Tina Turner since she started with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay the Beyond project in 2009. Since then he provided many wonderful pictures for the booklets and promotional material also for Children Beyond in 2011 and the last album Awakening Beyond in 2017.

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