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One Of The Living (2020)

Tina Turner - One Of The Living - TV

One Of The Living is a documentary from the TV channel Arte, which traces the turning points and tragedies in the life of Tina Turner and shows the survival story of a fighter. Unloved by her own mother, humiliated and abused for years by her first husband. Tina Turner's path to fame is paved with tragedy, her life is full of breaking points and new beginnings. Starting in Paris in Peter Lindbergh’s studio, the documentary spans Tina’s career with rare footage and interviews of Dominik Wichmann, Peter Lindbergh, and Kristina Love. It’s s a tribute to the moving life of an unique superstar. Back in 2013, Tina already graced the cover of the Arte magazine and was also the subject of the documentary Simply The Best.

Release: March 06, 2020
Director: Schyda Vasseghi
Time: 52 Min.

Tina Turner - One Of The Living - TV

Peter Lindbergh / Tina & Erwin / Kristina Love

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