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Auf den Spuren der Wahlschweizerin (2019)

Tina Turner - Auf den Spuren der wahlschweizerin - TV

Tina at Lake Zurich

Auf den Spuren der Wahlschweizerin (On the trail of the Swiss by choice) is a Swiss documentary about Tina Turner’s life in Switzerland and the many Swiss people she encountered: For example, the photographers Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer from the Vogue photo shooting; the musician Mike Maurer who played alphorn at Tina’s wedding or Roger Schawinski who danced with Tina at the Vienna Opera Ball. They and many others tell us their very personal Tina moment.

Tina Turner moved to Switzerland in 1995 because her now husband Erwin Bach took a job in Zurich. She felt comfortable very quickly - also because Switzerland reminds her of her childhood in Tennessee (USA). In 2013, the native-born American took Swiss citizenship.

Release: November 24, 2019
Producer, Director: Paola Biason, Karl Baldinger, Adeline Thomas
Time: 54 Min.

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