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Robert Altman

Tina Turner - Robert Altman - Photographer

Gold Rush Festival in Amador CA on October 4, 1969 / Copyrhight by UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library

Robert Altman was an American photographer, hired as a photojournalist by Rolling Stone magazine where he captured shots of the Rolling Stones in the recording studio as well as from Joni Mitchell and Iggy Pop at music festivals and many other musicians. Following this early success, he expanded into fashion photography and fine art and became a television producer.

One of the pictures from Robert Altman’s photo session at the Gold Rush Festival in 1969 made it on the November issue of the Rolling Stone cover. The same picture was also used for the book „Rolling Stone: The Complete Covers 1967 - 1997“ as one of several alternative cover pictures.

„Robert Altman captured sex-on-heels dynamo Tina Turner unleashing her primal rock intensity in a revealing macramé skirt and bikini top in 1969. This photograph was taken at The Gold Rush Festival in 1969 and made it on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. Tina Turner was a big part of the classic rock movement during the 60's and early 70's. She was one of many few woman to perform in this genre, and made her way to become well known.“

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