TINA: Television (Special)

Rockqueen - Mutter - Kämpferin (2019)

Tina Turner - Rockqueen - Mutter - Kämpferin - TV

Rockqueen - Mutter - Kämpferin (Queen of Rock - Mother - Fighter) is a German documentaion about Tina Turner’s rose from humble beginnings to become the biggest female rock star in the world. As part of the Terra X History series, it tells the story of the colourful career of the dazzling rock legend. The racism that she encountered back then in the south of the USA and again and again later as a black singer shaped her throughout her life and kept her disciplined, as Tina Turner repeatedly emphasises in interviews. This consistency was one of the secrets of her success, as was her Buddhist faith, which helped her to overcome strokes of fate and disruptions in her life. Beside some rare Tina interviews and TV appearances also the entertainer Ron Williams as well as the journalists Kurt Loder and Dominik Wichmann talk about their encounters with Tina Turner.

Release: November 17, 2019
Producer: Carola Ulrich, Achim Seegebrecht
Narration: Isaak Dentler
: German
: 44 Min.