Soul The Hits is the first album from the Ikettes, including almost previously released singles and b-sides. The tracklist on the front and back cover is incorrect, only the tracklist on the labels is correct. The Japanese release on compact disc expanded the original album from 12 tracks to 28 with the addition of lots more singles and material issued by some group members as solo artists. Soul The Hits was released in 1965 from Modern Records on vinyl and 8-track cartridge and was reissued in 2007 on compact disc from Vine Records.

Ikettes - Soul The Hits - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Front Cover

Ikettes - Soul The Hits - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Back Cover

A1. I’m so Thankful 3:12

Written by F. Wilson, M. Gordon / Produced by Marc Gordon, Frank Wilson
Single release in 1965

A2. Do Doo Ron Ron 2:29

Written by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich

A3. Camel Walk 2:41

Written by Ike Turner
Single release in 1964

A4. Can’t Sit Down Cos I Feel So Good 2:23

Written by F. Wilson

A5. (Never More) Lonely For You 2:23

Written by Ike Turner
Single release in 1965

A6. Not That I Recall 2:07

Written by Ike Turner
Single release in 1966

B1. Peaches 'N' Cream 2:23

Written by Steve Venet, Tommy Boyce / Produced by Steve Venet
Single release in 1965

B2. Sally Go Round The Roses 2:40

Written by Z. Sanders, L. Stevens

B3. Don’t Feel Sorry For Me 3:03

Written by Jimmy Beasley, Joe Josea, Maxwell Davis / Produced by Marc Gordon, Frank Wilson

B4. He’s Gonna Be Fine 2:38

Written by Steve Venet, Tommy Boyce, Tony Wine / Produced by Ike Turner & Steve Venet
Single release in 1965

B5. Nobody Loves Me 2:47

Written by Ike Turner

B6. It’s Been So Long 3:14

Written by Ike Turner

Produced by Ike Turner
except as otherwise indicated

Ikettes - Soul The Hits - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Side A

Ikettes - Soul The Hits - Album

Vinyl (USA) - Side B

cd bonus tracks

1. Camel Walk (Single Version) 2:41

Written by Ike Turner

2. The Biggest Players 1:43

Written by Ike Turner

3. How Come

Written by Ike Turner

4. Blue With A Broken Heart 2:55

Written by F. Wilson / Lead vocals by Flora Williams

5. You’re Still My Baby 3:38

Written by C. Willis / Lead vocals by Venetta Fields

6. I’m Leaving You 3:03

Written by Ike Turner / Lead vocals by Venetta Fields

7. Through With You 3:27

Copyright Control / Lead vocals by Venetta Fields

8. Give Me A Chance 2:31

Copyright Control / Lead vocals by Venetta Fields

9. Cheater 2:24

Copyright Control / Lead vocals by Venetta Fields

10. You’re Trying To Make Me Lost My Mind 2:14

Copyright Control

11. Your Love Is Mine 2:23

Copyright Control

12. You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too 2:55

Written by Ike Turner

13. The Loco-Motion 2:22

Written by G. Goffin, C. King

14. Sha La La 2:56

Written by R. Taylor, R. Mosley

15. Camel Walk (Take 1) 2:35

Written by Ike Turner

16. (Never More) Lonely For You (Take 11) 2:54

Written by Ike Turner

17. Easy Living aka Living For You 2:12

Lead vocals by Dee Dee Johnson

Ikettes - Soul The Hits - Album

Vinyl Reissue (USA) - Front Cover

Liner Notes

These three delightful and most talented young ladies are the background voices heard on numerous records and albums recorded by the renowned Ike and Tina Turner. Now, they have taken the spotlight and are performing from coast to coast their new ‘soul’ release.

The Ikettes have been with the Ike and Tina Revue for quite some time. Vanetta recalled her beginning in November, ‘62 when she went to a dance where Ike and Tina were performing. „I knew the D.J. who sponsored the show“ she said, „and he told me that Ike needed a girl.“ However, as she explained, the D.J. wanted her to deliver the message to another girl. Out of curiosity, Vanetta decided that she would audition. She did - she made it - and she left the same night with the Revue. The message was never delivered. Jessie was singing with a group called the „Rivieras.“ Through personal contact, she was told about the vacancy in the group. Ike called her and she auditioned. „My family didn’t want to see me go,“ she said, „but they have gotten used to it now.“ Robbie, the senior member of the Ikettes has been with the Revue for four years. Prior to her joining, she was singing in St. Louis with the „Chordettes“. She, too, through personal contact got the job. The girls seem to enjoy each others company and doing things together. As Jessie confirmed the observation, „We love each other and couldn’t do without each other.

Connection on the many now „teen-centered“ programs on television: Shindig, Hollywood a-go-go, and American Bandstand, Vanetta said quite emphatically, „They’re great!.“ Jessie and Robbie agreed and they feel that these programs are helping to curb juvenile delinquency by keeping the teens off the streets and corners. Almost every night in the week one of these shows is on featuring many top name performers. The even favorite American Bandstand, as the girls reminisced, was the only such national program on a few years ago when they were teens. „When the hour was over, that was it,“ Jessie said. The girls feel that now the teens of ’67 have much more to look forward to in respect to television.

Speaking of the Teens, the Ikettes were asked to recall their high school activities and dress and compare them with that of today. Vanetta was first to applaud the dress. She adores the new trend in fashion: the frizzle blouses, jumpers, stretch pants and the various assortment of colors. Jessie believes that today’s teens have more freedom. In almost every major city there are afternoon and evening spots exclusively for teenagers. It seems that house parties and lawn gatherings have subsided to other gala activities. Robbie noted the sophisticated air of the modern teen. „They’re more grown-up.“ she said, Jessie agreed and continued that this was good. However, teens, the Ikettes say that you are „swinging.“

Because the Ikettes work consumes so much of their time, they are limited to social and personal activities off stage. They are not fond of dancing themselves, but do enjoy watching others dance. Some of their favorites are the jerk, slauson, pony, monkey and especially the camel walk. As for the invasion of the English groups, Vanetta says: „They’re wonderful.“ Jessie: „Different.“ Robbie: „Agree.“

The Ikettes have eleven different outfits for performance and each time they travel they take all eleven. They never disagree as to what dress or hair style they will select. Vanetta explains, „Whoever gets dressed first, that’s what we wear.“ Off stage, however they dress very casually and sporty: slacks, over blouses, flats and sweaters. The most emphatic statement made through the entire interview was, „We HATE to dress up!“

Almost everyone has an ultimate goal set for himself; something, when accomplished, inspires the individual with pride. The Ikettes are no exception. Jessie believes that she will have reached her goal when she has everything she wants for her family and herself. Vanetta would like to buy her mother a house. Robbie, too, would like do share her good fortune with her family.

By the time you read this article, the Ikettes will have recorded an album consisting of „oldies and goodies,“ probably a new record and will have traveled many hundreds of miles with the Ike and Tina Revue.


Ikettes - Soul The Hits - Album

Soul The Hits


Ikettes - Gold & New - Album

(G)Old & New