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The Best - Demo (2021)

Tina Turner - The Best (Demo) - Single

The Best was the first and very successful single from the album Foreign Affair in 1989. It became Tina Turner's anthem and was the theme tune for the New South Wales Rugby League in Australia. In 2021, this previously unheard demo was released on the Foreign Affair (Deluxe Edition) and digitally for promotion. The production is more in the style of the original Bonnie Tyler version and without the saxophone part.

Release: June 2021
Label: Rhino / Parlophone
Format: Digital
AlbumForeign Affair (Deluxe Edition)

  1. The Best (Demo) 4:54
  2. Writer: Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Producer: Rick Knowles

When I wrote "The Best" and it came out with Bonnie Tyler, Tina called me up. She was sent the song and it didn't really do much with Bonnie Tyler. She said, "I love this song and I'm going to cut it, but I want you to write a bridge. It is missing a bridge and I want the key to go up after that, then I'll cut the song." And she was right, that's when it became a hit.

Holly Knight

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