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Tina Turner (1986)

Tina Turner - Tina Turner (Gerhard Augustin) - Book

Gerhard Augustin, born in 1941, was the first German disc-jockey in 1962 and the co-founder of the German music program Beat-Club. As the head of A&R for United Artists Records in Munich, he began working with Ike & Tina as a producer in 1972 and later also as their manager. This book provides many personal insights into the life of Ike & Tina Turner, which Gerhard experienced during his time together with the duo. He passed away on March 17, 2021 in his hometown Bremen.

Writer: Gerhard Augustin
Release: 1986
Publisher: Bastei Lübbe
Pages: 159
Format: Paperback
Language: German

Tina Turner - Tina Turner (Gerhard Augustin) - Book

Gerhard Augustin with Ike & Tina Turner

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