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The Tonight Show (1970 - 1972)

Ike & Tina Turner - The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - TV

August 05, 1971

The Tonight Show is an American late-night talk show, airing on NBC since 1954. It was hosted by Johnny Carson from October 1962 until May 1992. Ike & Tina Turner have been guests several times on the show with live performances and interviews, starting in 1970 and with their last appearance in 1973. The live interpretation of the song It’s Gonna Work Out Fine was released on the album Here’s Johnny in 1974. Also Tina was a guest star when she went solo, the first time in 1982, shortly before her comeback.

May 04, 1972
Feel Good (Live Tina & Ester Jones, Jean Brown, Edna Richardson) / Interview

August 05, 1971
It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Live) / Interview / Let Me Touch Your Mind (Live)

November 25, 1970
Interview / Performance (Tina & Ester Jones, Vera Hamilton, Jean Brown)

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