Two Is A Couple (1965)

Ike & Tina Turner - Two Is A Couple - Single

Two Is A Couple features two non album tracks. The title track was later reissued as a bonus on the double CD Don’t Play Me Cheap / It’s Gonna Work Out Fine from 2004 and a different version is available on the 1978 album Airwaves. Ike & Tina promoted it at the American tv show „Where The Action Is“ in 1965. The b-side track „Tin Top House“ is a very unusual song for Ike & Tina, only available on this single.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: October 1965
Label: Sue
Format: 7“ Vinyl
Album: Non album tracks

  1. Two Is A Couple 2:30
  2. Written by Ike Turner
  3. Tin Top House 2:15
  4. Written by Ike Turner

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