All The Best - Interview is a promotional disc with an interview about the stories behind the songs of Tina’s All The Best greatest hits album. The video version of the interview was later included as a bonus feature on the All The Best home video. The All The Best Interview was released in 2004 from EMI / Parlophone Records on compact disc.

From the Inlet: The following 23 cuts (total duration 29.20) come from an interview with Tina Turner conducted by Alan Jackson, in Zurich Switzerland, in September 2004. Many of the tracks from the double CD are discussed. Ins and Outs and Durations are also given; with the hope that this will make your feature / programme easier to make.

Tina Turner - All The Best Interview - Promo

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Tina Turner - All The Best Interview - Promo

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1. So, this is the first whole career retrospective for Tina Turner. I guess you must be mighty proud of your body of work. Do they all sound good to you?

TINA: In (sigh) Well, "All The Best“ is... / Out ...can be proud of / Dur: 0:38

2. There are 3 new tracks on the CD's. How do you go about choosing that new material?

TINA: In You know, sometimes it doesn’t... / Out ...of having that / Dur: 1:12

3. The first single is "Open Arms". Tell us about your collaboration on that track (with Jimmy Hogarth)

TINA: In (Laughter) That was another... / Out was nice / Dur: 2:18

4. Another new track is "Something Special"

TINA: In Something Special... / Out ...on the album / Dur: 0:32

5. Let's talk about the track "Complicated Disaster"

TINA: In Complicated Disaster is wonderful because... / Out ...I do love it / Dur: 1:09

6. Of course, "All The Best" also goes right back into the Ike and Tina Turner archive. "River Deep Mountain High", for example

TINA: In River Deep came... / Out ...fresh as ever / Dur: 0:42

7. And the great old classic "Nutbush City Limits"…

TINA: In That's one that... / Out ...laughter / Dur: 1:00

8. We've also got "Proud Mary", a classic written by Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty

TINA: In Oh Mary... / Out ...never forget / Dur: 1:13

9. Please tell us about meeting Lulu, and her writing "I Don't Want to Fight"

TINA: In Before I met her... / Out ...that kind of problem / Dur: 0:25

10. Looking back to the start of your solo success, you hooked up with the English electronistas Heaven 17. And with them you recorded the Al Green classic "Let's Stay Together"

TINA: In Heaven 17, that was... / Out ...really quite unusual / Dur: 1:54

11. Next up, "Private Dancer", written for you by guitar wizard Mark Knopfler

TINA: In Ah well, when I met... / Out ...again, great success / Dur: 0:56

12. One of your biggest hits is "What's Love Got to do With it?" written by Terry Britten

TINA: In These are all good stories... / Out of the time / Dur: 1:51

13. Now, movie success, singing and acting in the "Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome" cinema smash, which spawned the classic "We Don't Need Another Hero“

TINA: In We don't need another... / Out ...the best + laughter / Dur: 1:45

14. How did you get to meet up with David Bowie, and tell us about the "Tonight" duet?

TINA: In My meeting with... / Out …I'd have to say / Dur: 2:18

15. "Break Every Rule" album produced hits like "Typical Male"...

TINA: In "Break Every Rule“ was... / Out`s a good song / Dur: 0:37

16. Also from that album came the much more sensitive (Paul Brady song) "Paradise is Here"

TINA: In The most serious... / Out's a great song / Dur: 0:49

17. Tell us about "Steamy Windows", on which you worked with Tony Joe White

TINA: In Well, Tony and... / Out ...kind of up / Dur: 0:13

18. Another Terry Britten song is "I Don't Wanna Lose You"

TINA: In I Don't Wanna Lose you... / Out I loved / Dur: 0:23

19. Now, I know it was a great thrill for you to be involved with the James Bond films. And your hit "Goldeneye" was written by Bono and The Edge of U2...

TINA: In I was thrilled... / Out ...another great time / Dur: 1:53

20. But you have a softer, slower side as well, well showcased "On Silent Wings"...

TINA: In Silent Wings is... / Out ...times in their lives / Dur: 0:50

21. And you've recorded with Italian heartthrob Eros Ramazotti. Tell us about "Cose Della Vita"

TINA: In I was in Germany... / Out ...and we still are / Dur: 1:21

22. And there's another collaboration next. Your work for Disney with Phil Collins on "Great Spirits" from Brother Bear...

TINA: In Brother Bear... / Out ...just another home / Dur: 1:00

23. And finally, we can't leave this "All The Best" double CD without talking about the monster track "Simply The Best"

TINA: In All The Best... / Out ...even now / Dur: 2:26


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Tina Turner - All The Best Interview - Promo

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