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Ball Of Confusion (1982)

Tina Turner - Ball Of Confusion - Single

Ball Of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) is a soul song and was originally a hit single from The Temptations in 1970. Tina covered it for the B.E.F. album Music For Quality And Distinction (Vol. 1) in 1982, with a very modern sythesizer instrumental background. Released as a single, it surprisingly charted in Norway. The album was reissued on compact disc in 1991 with a remixed version, which is also available on the box set The Collected Recordings. Tina promoted the song at the Australian TV-Show Countdown on July 18, 1982. The single was not released in America.

Writer: N. Whitfield, B. Strong
Producer: Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Walsh (BEF)
Photographer: Lynn Goldsmith
Release: April (Germany) / May (UK)
Label: Virgin
Format: 7“ Vinyl
Charts: Norway: #5
AlbumMusic For Quality And Distinction (Vol. 1)

  1. Ball Of Confusion 3:56
  2. Ball Of Confusion (Instrumental) 3:45
Tina Turner - Ball Of Confusion - Single

This is the very first single from Tina Turner with a music video, filmed as a live performance on stage together with her female dancers and musicians. In fact, the music comes from tape and Tina is lip-syncing the song. David Mallet, who directed and produced the video, used some special effects like slow-motion. Tina made history with this video as one of the first black artists to appear on MTV, when the burgeoning network added it to its programming schedule.

Director: David Mallet
Home Video: Never officially released
Time: 3:50

Tina Turner - Ball Of Confusion - Music Video

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