Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) is the soundtrack album for the action movie Mad Max from 1985, starring Mel Gibson as Mad Max and Tina as the Aunty Entity of Bartertown. The first single We Don't Need Another Hero was a worldwide success and her first number one in Germany. The follow-up One Of The Living won a Grammy Award in the category „Best Rock Vocal Performance Female“ the following year. All other songs are instrumentals fom Maurice Jarre. After the release of this album, Tina changed the setlist of her Private Dancer Tour and performed both songs live.

Released in July 1985 from Capitol / EMI Records on vinyl (gatefold) and cassette, Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) reached #7 in Germany, #16 in Europe and #39 in America. The album was reissued in 1994 on compact disc.

Billboard Magazine - August 10, 1985: Soundtrack will get a quick start courtesy of the first Tina Turner single, "We Don’t Need Another Hero,” and the collection includes a second track by her, "One Of The Living," which can be expected to maintain momentum. Lion’s share of the remainder is Maurice Jarre’s score with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

CashBox Magazine - August 17, 1985: While "We Don’t Need Another Hero" speeds to the top of the charts, Tina Turner shines bright on this soundtrack LP to the popular Warner Bros. summer movie, 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome', in which the Queen of Rock 'N' Roll co-stars with Mel Gibson. Once "We Don’t Need Another Hero" runs its successful course, expect another hot Turner tune in "One Of The Living," a second single, and the only other Turner vocal on the LP. Side two features instrurnentals.

Tina Turner - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) - Soundtrack Album

Vinyl - Front Cover

Tina Turner - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) - Soundtrack Album

Vinyl - Back Cover

A1. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Extended) 6:07

Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten / Performed by Tina Turner
Single release in 1985

A2. One Of The Living (Soundtrack Version) 5:59

Written by Holly Knight / Produced by Mike Chapman / Co-Produced by Umberto Gatica / Performed by Tina Turner
Single release in 1985

A3. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Extended Instrumental) 6:30

Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten

B1. Bartertown 8:27

B2. The Children 2:12

B3. Coming Home 15:12

Composed by Maurice Jarre / Produced and Conducted by Maurice Jarre / Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Concertmaster: Barry Griffith / Didgeridoo: Charles MacMahon / Ondes Martenot: Jeanne Loriod, Cynthia Mlllar, Dominique Kim / Assistant to Maurice Jarre: Christopher Palmer / Score Music Produced by Maurice Jarre / Music recorded digitally at CTS Studios LTD, London by Dick Lewzey / Assistant: Tim Pennington

Tina Turner - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) - Soundtrack Album

Vinyl - Gatefold Cover

Tina Turner - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) - Soundtrack Album

Vinyl - Gatefold Cover

"Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"

Rock 'n' roll's legendary female sole survivor has done it again, this time by concentrating her efforts on her anxiously-awaited first starring dramatic role in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome." Never to be outdone, Tina packs her electrifying energy into her role as Aunt Entity, the lethal ruler of a post apocalyptic city called Bartertown. Accompanying Tina's engaging screen performance is a tempting soundtrack album featuring two exceptional tunes, "We Don't Need Another Hero" and "One Of The Living."

The premiere single from the soundtrack album, "We Don't Need Another Hero," was penned by Terry Britten who wrote Tina's No. One single, "What's Love Got To Do With It?" The other four tracks are instrumentals performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which is sure to make the LP an extraordinary musical accomplishment. Private Dancer, Tina's first LP for Capitol in 1984, went quadruple-platinum and resulted in five hit singles including "Let's Stay Together," "Better Be Good To Me," "Private Dancer," "What's Love Got To Do With lt?" and "Show Some Respect." For her extraordinary talent, Tina received two American Music Awards and was also honored with three Grammy Awards for Record of the Year ("What's Love Got To Do With lt?"), Best Female Pop Vocal ("What's Love Got To Do With lt?") and Best Female Rock Vocal ("Better Be Good To Me"). Premiering on HBO was a one-hour "Private Dancer" special - recorded during Tina's sold-out 70-concert European tour - which included rare appearances by David Bowie and Canadian star Bryan Adams.

Tina's starring role (with Mel Gibson) in the Warner Bros. film, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome," is the third in the highly successful series of adventures which began with "Mad Max" and continued with "The Road Warrior." The film, which was directed by George Miller and George Ogilvie, credits Tina's "Aunt Entity" as the founder of the city where disputes are settled by deadly duels combining hand-to-hand combat with aerial acrobatics. Not even James Bond could endure what Mad Max is in store for with Aunt Entity as his injurious opponent. These recent efforts by the sizzling temptress are destined to cap one of the most remarkable comebacks in rock 'n' roll history.

Tina Turner - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) - Promo

Billboard Promo - August 10, 1985

Go Ahead…Make Me Mad, Max!

The soundtrack album of the summer is here. It's MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME fearuring two new hits by Tina Turner, WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER HERO (THUNDERDOME) and ONE OF THE LIVING.

Bring it home and let Tina take you to the Max.


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Tina Turner - Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) - Soundtrack Album

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