IKE: Award

Memphis Heroes Award (2004)

Tina Turner - Memphis Hero - Award

The Memphis Heroes Award celebrated legends in the music industry, acknowledging those artists who have made a lasting impact to the world of music and popular culture. In 2004, Ike Turner was honored at a ceremony in Memphis, including live performances of the award winners.

„This is totally unexpected, I didn’t expect any of this. I thought I was just coming to Memphis to do a couple of songs tonight.“

Ike took the stage, but not after shedding a few tears upon receiving his award from two of his friends and peers, Little Milton and Knox Phillips. Turner performed his breakout hit Rocket 88, a tribute to the Oldsmobile, which featured Little Milton on vocals, and the electrifying soul chart-topper Proud Mary. The performance is featured as a bonus on the home video Live In Concert.

Date: April 13, 2004
Location: Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, Memphis (USA)
Laudators: Little Milton, Knox Phillips

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