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Mother (2014)

Tina Turner & Beyond - Mother - Single

Mother was for a short time a digital download, released just in time for Mother’s Day on May 11, 2014 to promote the upcoming third Beyond album Love Within. It’s not really a full song, but a short mix of the track „Wisdom,“ including a sample of Tina’s spoken intro. It’s dedicated to all the wonderful mothers of the world.

Vocals: Tina, Dechen, Sawani, Regula
Producer: Roland Frei
Release: May 11, 2014
Photographer: Nathan Beck
Graphic Design: eyeworks, Zurich
Label: Universal
Format: Digital
AlbumLove Within (Beyond)

  1. Mother (Wisdom) 1:26
  2. O Sapientia, Devii Saraswatii Vandanaa, Arya Tara Rigpa Hum Dröl

The music video features pictures from the following fans, showing their mothers with or without them: 

TK Archer, Victor Alija, Christoph Schmidt, Meral Cihan, Donna Harper Graeff, Kinderyogaberlin, Gunnar Salvarsson, Ben A. Degrèse, Johanna Ouwerling, Angelique Staal, Anja H. Förster, Kerstin Schäfer-Bal, Jada Crockrell, Eilish Downes, Boudewijn Kooil, Renate Loibner, Corinno Kley, Michael Schrader, Francesca Piccone, Arlette Baes, Anthony Bear, Keith Alton Gambill, Mathias Buena Ribas

Tina Turner & Beyond - Mother - Music Video

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