IKE & TINA: Single

Please, Please, Please (1964)

Ike & Tina Turner - Please, Please, Please - Single

Please, Please, Please is a James Brown cover song, usually performed by Ike & Tina in their concerts as a medley, together with The Wedding. This live version was taken from the album Revue Live and was also promoted at the Big TNT Show in 1965. Please, Please, Please was again released in 1969 with a different b-side track.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: November 1964 / May 1965 (UK)
Label: Kent (USA) / Sue (UK)
Format: 7“ Vinyl
AlbumRevue Live

  1. Please, Please, Please (Live) 2:30
  2. Written by James Brown, J. Terry
  3. Am I A Fool In Love 2:38
  4. Written by Ike Turner
Ike & Tina Turner - Please, Please, Please - Single

Release Info (UK)

This is, I believe, the most exciting disc by this famous duo ever to be issued here. Recorded live at one of their sensational stage appearances in St. Louis, it spotlights Tina at her wildest on this classic James Brown number. The quality of the recording is excellent, as is the backing. The flip is something of an answer disc to their earlier U.S, hit 'A Fool In Love', and rocks along in typical Ike & Tina fashion. Available Friday 21st May, 1965.

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