Reckless is Bryan Adams fourth studio album with guest vocals from Tina Turner on the track It’s Only Love, released as the sixth and final single. While Bryan was the opening act on the European leg of Tina’s Private Dancer Tour, they performed the song at most of the concerts together live on stage. The live version from the N.E.C. in Birmingham, UK was included on the 12“ maxi single and on Tina’s Live In Europe album. This performance was also used for the official music video, which won a MTV Video Music Award for „Best Stage Performance in a Video“ in 1986. Reckless was released in November 1984 from A&M Records on vinyl, cassette and compact disc.

Bryan Adams: „This was the most memorable collaboration of all the ones I have done. Working with Tina Turner was amazing. I used to go to see her in the clubs when I was in my late teens before she hit the big time. It was incredible to watch her. It was such a privilege to have sung with her, especially since I was only 24 at the time.“ 

Tina Turner & Bryan Adams - Reckless - Album

Front Cover

It’s Only Love (duet with Bryan Adams) 3:17

Written by Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance / Produced by Bob Clearmountain, Bryan Adams
Single release in 1985

Mixed and Engineered by Mike Fraser, Michael Sauvage / Mastered by Bob Ludwig / Guitar: Bryan Adams, Keith Scott / Bass guitar: Dave Taylor / Drums: Pat Steward, Mickey Curry / Keyboards: Tommy Mandel / Persuccion: Jim Vallance / Backing vocals: Jody Perpick

Tina Turner & Bryan Adams - Reckless - Album


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Tina Turner & Bryan Adams - Reckless - Album



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