Tina Turns The Country On is Tina’s very first solo album while she was still married with Ike and a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. All songs are cover versions from different artists. Tina recorded twenty songs for this album in Ike’s Bolic sound studio, but only a selection of ten made it to this album. The remaining tracks were released for the first time on the album Good Hearted Woman in 1979. The only song Tina performed live in her concerts was „Help Me Make It Through The Night,“ available on the Wild Lady Of Rock home video from 1979. The track „Bayou Song“ was also performed live from Ike & Tina at the tv show „Midnight Special“ in 1975 for promotion.

Released in August 1974 from United Artists Records on vinyl, 8-track cartridge and in some European countries also on cassette, Tina Turns The Country On didn’t charted but was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category „Best R&B Vocal Performance Female“ in 1975. Unfortunately, the album is still waiting for a release on compact disc.

Billboard Magazine - September 14, 1974: Fine mix of country, folky and soft rock tunes done in Tina's inimitable style. On this effort she flexes her voice from it’s softest to it’s usual rough tone and molds it perfectly around each cut. Drawing from a wide range of composers from Dylan to Dolly Parton to Kris Kristofferson to Hank Snow. Ms. Turner should gain easy soul and pop play and possibly some country play. Surprisingly effective are the slow cuts, and Tina proves just as adept an interpreter of other's material as she is a singer of original songs.

CashBox Magazine - September 14, 1974: The dynamic and incomparable Tina Turner has been a constant turn on since she first sang as a little girl in church, but the major thrust of her commercial success has always been linked to her amazing capacity to deliver "the word" as it has actually been spoken. Here, on her new UA album, Tina continues to be the performer that has turned on countless thousands as she sings such songs as „If You Love Me Let Me Know,“ „Help Me Make lt Through The Night,“ „He Belongs To Me“ and „l'm Movin’ On“.

Tina Turner - Tina Turns The Country On - Album

Vinyl - Front Cover

Tina Turner - Tina Turns The Country On - Album

Vinyl - Back Cover

A1. Bayou Song 3:28

Written by P.J. Morse

A2. Help Me Make It Through The Night 2:55

Written by K. Kristofferson

A3. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You 3:00

Written by B. Dylan

A4. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 3:05

Written by J. Rostill

A5. He Belongs To Me 4:07

Written by B. Dylan

B1. Don’t Talk Now 3:04

Written by J. Taylor

B2. Long Long Time 4:55

Written by G. White

B3. I’m Moving On 2:40

Written by H. Snow

B4. There’ll Always Be Music 4:17

Written by D. Parton

B5. The Love That Lights Our Way 3:15

Written by F. Karlin

Tina Turner - Tina Turns The Country On - Promo

United Artists Promo

Produced by Tom Thacker
Arranged by Everyone Involved
Engineers: John Horton, Fred Borkgren, Steve Waldman, D. B. Johnson, Tom Thacker
Recorded at Bolic Sound, Inglewood, California - June, 1974

Bass: Joe Lamano
Drums: Michael Bolts
Electric Guitar: Mark Creamer & James Burton
Acoustic Guitar: Mark Creamer
Piano: Glen D. Hardin & John Hammond
Steel Guitar: J. D. Minnis
Sax & Recorder: Tom Scott
Percussion & Sound Effects: Terrance Lane
Background Vocalists: Jesse Smith, Pat Hodges, Clydie King, Merry Clayton

Photography: David Alexander
Art Direction: Bob Cato

Tina Turner - Tina Turns The Country On - Promo

Billboard Promo - Septermber 28, 1974


Tina Turns The Country On


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