Viva La Money (1978)

Tina Turner - Viva La Money - Single

Viva La Money was written from A. Toussaint and originally released on his album „Motion“. Tina covered the song for her album Rough and released it as the second single in Europe. She promoted it at some tv shows and performed it live at her Wild Lady of Rock concerts, available on the Wild Lady of Rock home video. In England, the b-side song Sometimes When We Touch was released instead as a single.

Writer: A. Toussaint
Producer: Bob Monaco
Release: December 1978 (Europe) / November 1978 (USA)
Label: United Artists
Format: 7“ Vinyl

7“ Vinyl Single (Europe)
  1. Viva La Money 3:16
  2. Written by A. Toussaint / Produced by Bob Monaco
  3. Sometimes When We Touch 3:57
  4. Written by D. Hill, B. Mann / Produced by Bob Monaco
7“ Vinyl Promo (USA)
  1. Viva La Money (Mono) 3:16
  2. Viva La Money (Stereo) 3:16
Ariola (Germany)

Michael Faber

It seems that the divorce from her husband Ike moved Tina Turner to new heights: Viva La Money from the 39 year-old Tennessean energy-bundle, taken from her first solo album „Rough,“ is finally not only loud, but also thrilling. What is true for the entire LP, it’s summarized on Viva La Money. Excellent studio musicians provide the background for the right feeling, the atmosphere. Tina Turner, with a metallic voice, electrifies as ever. The soul diva, whose influence is hard to resist. If everything goes well, Viva La Money will not only remain as an acoustic listening pleasure. It’s told that Mike Leckebusch will bring Tina Turner to the music show „Musikladen“ at the end of March.


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Tina Turner - Viva La Money - SingleTina Turner - Viva La Money - SingleTina Turner - Viva La Money - Single
Musikladen (Germany)

March 22, 1979

Tina Turner - Viva La Money - Musikladen

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