Wildest Dreams (Special Tour Edition) is a two disc package including the European version of the Wildest Dreams album plus a bonus disc with remixes, non-album tracks and live recordings from the concert in the Amsterdam Arena at Tina‘s Wildest Dreams Tour. The package was released in November 1996 with the same cover picture as the regular American album from Parlophone Records in Europe on two compact discs.

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Album
Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Album

cd 1

1. Do What You Do 4:24

Written by Graham Lyle, Terry Britten, Conner Reeves / Produced by Terry Britten

2. Whatever You Want (Edit) 4:53

Written by Arthur Baker, Taylor Dayne, Fred Zarr / Produced by Trevor Horn

3. Missing You 4:37

Written by John Waite, Charles Sanford, Mark Leonard / Produced by Trevor Horn

4. On Silent Wings 6:12

Written by Tony Joe White, James Ralston / Produced by Trevor Horn

5. Thief Of Hearts 4:05

Written by Jud Friedman, Hellmut Hattler, Joo Kraus, Allan Rich / Produced by Trevor Horn

6. In Your Wildest Dreams 5:34

Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Produced by Trevor Horn

7. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:28

Written by Bono, The Edge / Produced & Mixed by Nellee Hooper

8. Confidental 4:40

Written by Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe / Produced by Pet Shop Boys & Chris Porter

9. Something Beautiful Remains 4:20

Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten

10. All Kind Of People 4:43

Written by Sheryl Crow, Kevin Gilbert, Eric Pressley / Produced by Trevor Horn

11. Unfinished Sympathy 4:31

Written by R. Del Naja, A. Vowles, G. Marshall, S. Nelson, J. Sharp / Produced by Garry Hughes for Z Mnt.

12. Dancing In My Dreams 6:46

Written by Mark Cawley, Kye Fleming, Brenda Russell / Produced by Trevor Horn

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Album
Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Album
Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Album

disc 2

1. In Your Wildest Dreams (duet with Barry White) 5:29

Written by Mike Chapman, Holly Knight / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions / Special Guest Vocalist: Barry White

2. Something Beautiful Remains (Joe Urban Remix Edit) 3:34

Written by Graham Lyle, Terry Britten / Produced by Terry Britten / Remixed & arranged by joe for Fade 2 Black and Urban Agenda / Mixed by Earl Cohen

3. The Difference Between Us 6:04

Written by Camus Mare Celli, Nicola Holland, Andres Levan / Produced by Andres Levan and Camus Mare Celli for C-n-A Productions, from an original production from Trevor Horn for Horn Productions

4. River Deep, Mountain High (Live) 4:24

Written by Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector, Jeff Barry

5. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Live) 4:05

Written by Graham Lyle, Terry Britten

6. Private Dancer (Live) 6:12

Written by Mark Knopfler

7. Steamy Windows (Live) 4:20

Written by Tony Joe White

8. The Best (Live) 4:40

Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman

9. On Silent Wings (Live) 4:32

Written by James Ralston, Tony Joe White

All live tracks:
Engineered and Mixed by Dave Natale / Assistant Engineer: Gareth Ashton / Recorded in Europe during the Wildest Dreams Tour at the Amsterdam Arena, September 1996 / No overdubs / Mixed at Metropolis Studios, London

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Album

Photography Peter Lindbergh except live photography by Andy Catlin and Duncan Raban
Front & back cover photography courtesy of The Arnell Group & Hanes
Designed by Jeremy Plumb @ Sonicon

Special Thanks:
D.C. Parmet, Barrie Marshall, Rusty Hooker, Lisa Srhoj, Don Passman, Paddy Grafton-Green, Nancy Chapman, Euan Lawson, Kevyn Aucoin, Wayne Scot Lukas, Orlando Pita, Hampton Carney, Bernard Doherty, Patrick Prendergast and all the Crew

Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar / John Miles & James Ralston: Guitar & Vocals / Timmy Cappello: Saxophone, Percussion, Harmonies & Keyboards / Kenny Moore: Piano & Vocals / Ollie Marland: Keyboards & Vocals / Sharon Owens: Singer & Dancer / Karen Owens: Singer & Dancer / Cythia Davilla: Singer & Dancer / Keith Bradley: Production & Tour Manager / Dave Natale: Sound Engineer

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Promo

The Special Tour Edition
Includes Bonus CD
With Live Tracks From
Tina’s Sellout European Tour
And The Current Single
„In Your Wildest Dreams“
Featuring Barry White


Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Edition - Album


Wildest Dreams


Wildest Dreams (Tour Edition)


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