Goldeneye is the title song for the James Bond movie Goldeneye from 1995, especially written for Tina by Bono and The Edge from U2. The single includes remixed versions from David Morales and was a massive hit in Europe. Tina promoted it live at several tv shows and performed it James Bond like at her Wildest Dreams Tour in 1996 / '97 and the 50th Anniversary Tour in 2008 / '09. Live versions are available on the Live In Amsterdam home video from 1996 and the album TINA Live from 2009. The song was first released on the original motion picture soundtrack, but was also included on the album Wildest Dreams the following year. 

The music video was directed by Jake Scott and produced by Caroline True & Ellen Jacobson-Clarke. It shows many scenes from the movie and a very elegant Tina, wearing a long white strapless dress, sitting on a chair and walking on a catwalk. Unfortunately, the clip was never officially released on home video.

Released in November 1995 from Parlophone Records in Europe and Virgin Records in America on 7“ (promo) & 12“ vinyl, cassette and 5“ CD, Goldeneye reached #3 in Europe, #8 in Germany (1x Gold), #10 in England and #22 (Club) in America. It was also a #1 airplay hit in Europe.

Billboard Magazine - November 04, 1995: Turner steps to the mike to serve a tingly, feline performance of the theme to the next installment in the James Bond film series. Producer Nellee Hooper captures the essence of the movie, wrapping the track in sweeping strings and horns that are fondly reminiscent of the classic „Goldfinger." U2’s Bono and the Edge get in on the fun, writing a tune that’s fraught with cryptic lyrical twists and romantic intrigue. Bets on the single’s radio and club success are hedged with well-crafted remixes by Dave „Jam" Hall and David Morales. The former reconstructs the track with sleek hip-hop rhythms, while the latter goes for sultry house grooves. Both are totally slammin’.

Tina Turner - Goldeneye - Single

CD Maxi (Europe) - Front Cover

Tina Turner - Goldeneye - Single

CD Maxi (Europe) - Back Cover

single (uk)

A. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:27

B. Goldeneye (Club Edit) 4:26

● ● ●

single (europe)

A. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:27

B. Goldeneye (A/C Mix) 4:02

● ● ●

cassingle (usa)

1. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:27

2. Goldeneye (A/C Mix) 4:02

3. Goldeneye (Urban Mix) 4:02

B4. Goldeneye (Club Edit) 4:26

Written by Bono & The Edge / Produced by Nellee Hooper / Remixed by David Morales, Dave Hall

Art Direction & Design: Norman Moore
Photography: Herb Ritts

Tina Turner - Goldeneye - Single

Vinyl Promo (USA) - Label

maxi (europe)

1. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:27

2. Goldeneye (A/C Mix) 4:02

3. Goldeneye (Urban A/C Mix) 4:59

4. Goldeneye (Club Edit) 4:26

● ● ●

maxi (uk)

1. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:27

2. Goldeneye (Urban Mix) 4:02

3. Goldeneye (A/C Mix) 4:02

4. Goldeneye (Urban A/C Mix) 4:59

5. Goldeneye (Club Edit) 4:26

● ● ●

maxi (uk vinyl)

A1. Goldeneye (Morales Club Mix) 10:04

B1. Goldeneye (Morales 007 Dub) 9:41

B2. Goldeneye (Club Edit) 4:26

● ● ●


A1. Goldeneye (Morales Club Mix) 10:04

A2. Goldeneye (Album Version) 4:46

B1. Goldeneye (Morales Dub of Bond) 5:34

B2. Goldeneye (Morales 007 Dub) 9:41

Tina Turner - Goldeneye - Eurocharts - November 04, 1995

Eurocharts Promo - November 04, 1995

November 6
The New Single

Tina Turner - Goldeneye - Music Video

Music Video
Director: Jake Scott
Editor: David D. Williams
Producer: Caroline True & Ellen Jacobson-Clarke
Home Video: Never officially released
Time: 3:23


Tina Turner - Proud Mary - Single

Proud Mary


Tina Turner - Goldeneye - Single



Tina Turner - Whatever You Want - Single

Whatever You Want