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Live In Tokyo (1991)

Tina Turner - Live In Tokyo - Bootleg

Live In Tokyo contains selected tracks from a concert at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on December 28, 1985, as part of Tina’s Private Dancer Tour. The sound quality is like a regular album because it was recorded from a TV broadcast. It includes a fantastic version of the Bruce Springsteen cover „Dancing In The Dark,“ which Tina used as the encore. The record is made of white vinyl.

Release: 1991  / 1993
Label: Swinging Pig / Viva (Italy)
Format: Vinyl / CD

    Side A
  1. Show Some Respect (Live) 3:25
  2. Written by Terry Britten, Sue Shifrin
  3. Private Dancer (Live) 6:55
  4. Written by Mark Knopfler
  5. What’s Love Got To Do With It (Live) 6:35
  6. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
  7. Let’s Stay Together (Live) 4:40
  8. Written by Al Green, Willie Mitchel, Al Jackson
    Side B
  1. Help (Live) 5:18
  2. Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. Proud Mary (Live) 9:01
  4. Written by John C. Fogerty
  5. Dancing In The Dark (Live) 4:06
  6. Written by Bruce Springsteen
Tina Turner - Live In Tokyo - Bootleg

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