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60 Minutes (1993 - 2005)

Tina Turner - 60 Minutes - TV

Tina & Mike Wallace / Copyright: Bentley Image Bank / Historical Library

60 Minutes is an American television news program from the CBS network. It debuted in 1968 and was created by Don Hewitt.

Tina was profiled by Mike Wallace twice. First in 1996 at her home in France, where she gave a private concert with James Ralston on guitar, performing wonderful unplugged versions of Let’s Stay Together and Missing You. But the biggest surprise was the self-written Ike & Tina song „I’m A Motherless Child,“ which Tina also recorded years later for the third Beyond album Love Within. This episode was filmed at the same time as Tina did a photo shooting for the Harper’s Bazaar magazine and for both, Wayne Scot Lucas was responsible for Tina’s styling and Kevyn Aucoin for her makeup. Because Mike Wallace was so taken by Tina, he couldn’t resist joining her again in 2000 backstage at her 24-7 Millennium Tour. In 2005, a special brought us the best moments of the previous two shows with Tina, but nothing new.

Tina was also guest at the Australian version of „60 Minutes“ in 1993 during her What’s Love? Tour, with backstage footages and an interview with Charles Wooley.

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